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The working principle of the hydrocyclone

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Hydrocyclone is made up of the upper cylinder and the lower cone non-sports separation device composed of two parts, the separation principle is centrifugal sedimentation。 When for separating slurry (heterogeneous mixture of solid and liquid) at a certain pressure from the perimeter of the cyclone entering the cyclone was forced to rotary motion。 Due to its by the centrifugal force and centripetal buoyancy and fluid drag force, different size of solid coarse particles in the slurry to overcome the hydraulic resistance to the wall movement, and under the joint action of its own gravity, along the wall spiral downward movement, the fine and small particles and most of the water because of the centrifugal force is small, not close to the wall with slurry for rotary motion。 In the subsequent feeding, driven by particle size from the center to the wall is more and more big, the formation of layered。 With slurry from the cyclone cylinder part of moving cone part, flow section is more and more small, in outer slurry shrinkage oppression, contains a lot of tiny particles of inner slurry has to change direction, turned upward movement, formed in hydrocyclone, the overflow pipe discharge, become the overflow, the massive particles continued along the wall spiral downward movement, the formation of vortex, finally through the bottom LiuKou, become the grit。 So as to achieve the aim of classification。


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