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The main application of hydrocyclone

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1, the hydrocyclone is used to accomplish the clarify the application of operation
In the oil and chemical industry catalyst recycling
The liquid desanding of mechanical seal system
Sugar cane juice desanding
In the rolling mill roll scales removal water and cooling water
Separation of the corrosion products in circulation system of nuclear power industry
Metalworking coolant and lubricant in machinery manufacturing and metal debris removal cycle the rinse water
In the well water and sediment removal
The circulating water purification gas detergent
Auto cleaning system in water purification
Low concentration wastewater pretreatment
Heat exchanger, boiler, and sealing device system of water sand, scales and other inorganic and organic particle removal
Salt solution of salt in the collection
Coal washery and flushing water purification in the concentrator
Lime sand
To remove sand grain starch production and cleaning starch milk
The clarification of plant seed oil
When the drilling depth and drilling rig with cooling plasma cuttings removal
Fiber washing wastewater pretreatment
2, the application of cyclone in enrichment
Mine mine back packing dehydration
The iron hydroxide floccules dehydration
Dehydration of metallurgical slag
River and port silt concentration
3, the application of hydrocyclone in particle classification
Grinding classification grading of the mineral grains of each loop in
Mineral grains desliming before flotation
Groundwater desanding before entering the pump
Cement raw material into the kiln before classification
Phosphate ore desliming
Sand by size grading
Separation of kaolin industry
Titanium pigment classification
The drilling mud to take off the sand
4, hydrocyclone used in particle separation
Heavy medium coal washing
Water medium coal washing

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